Who Is Brilliance?

About balance, and being Brilliance

One day I heard the word “micro-aggression” and realized that I hadn’t been overreacting at all. Since that moment, I’ve been on a quest to completely and totally exterminate all aspects of white fragility and anti-Black culture I’d been reluctantly upholding due to proximate indoctrination and fear of life without “success”.  That moment was jarring at best. Lucky for me, I’d always been secretly on this mission, I’d just finally come to my crossroads and decided that I would no longer be a participant in my oppression. 

I wasn’t reborn on that day, but I was damn sure baptized. My baptismal pool was a chosen love of self and love of my people over all things. I am who I always was. I am simply now Her, always and in all ways. 

I’m Black. Like, Blackity-Black-Black. I listen to 90’s Hip Hop and R&B religiously and strongly prefer music with heavy bass and even heavier lyrics. I have coconut oil in every room of my house and spent all of my childhood referring to folks I’m not related to as Aunti’s, Uncles, and Cousins. I believe in the power of drinking ginger ale, eating some crackers and taking a nap and will never be convinced that I don’t look absolutely astounding covered in golden jewelry and sun-rays.  

I’m a Woman. Like, Chaka Khan’s version of “I’m Every Woman” type Woman. I slow dance to Anita Baker by myself, let my hairstyle define my mood, and know that I will be wholly and unapologetically irritated every 20something days yet consistently allow myself to be surprised. I am both in love with and exasperated by my innate ability to nurture people, things, and ideas and always wish for an overflow of snacks. 

I’m a Millennial. Like, an Insecure watching-social media meme reposting Millennial- Millennial. I believe my voice matters more than any corporation ever could. I spend hours on social media and judge myself for it. I commit myself wholeheartedly to my career in education access and advocacy yet wholeheartedly hate that I am encouraging young people of color to take on more debt in 4 years than they will likely be able to pay back in their lifetime. I prioritize voting for local and federal elections and share short think pieces about just how disenfranchising the electoral system truly is. 

I’m all of these things and more, simultaneously. This blog is the space I’ve chosen to take up, and my opinions, thoughts, and commentary will be reflective of the human I am. I hope that you have taken time to explore at least a few of the “who’s” in you and that the journey to uncovering them is as bittersweet as mine continues to be.